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NFTLUX is a versatile Discord bot that can help with a variety of tasks related to Cardano, server security, activity alerts and polls. No matter what your needs may be, NFTLUX is the ideal Discord bot for those looking to stay connected, secure, and informed.

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Boost Your Discord Server with NFTLUX

Holder Verification

Assign Discord roles based on NFT holdings. Set thresholds for number of NFTs required for each role. Integration with major marketplaces and wallets for easy tracking. Encourage engagement and build a stronger community.


Our Discord security bot provides cutting-edge protection against spam, scams, and malicious attacks. Implement server-wide bans, granular security settings, and analytics for optimal protection. Chat and interact with peace of mind.

Activity Alerts

Stay up-to-date on Cardano blockchain activity with our Discord bot. Get real-time alerts for sales, mintings, and listings happening on the network. Invest smarter with instant insights.

Asset Commands

Let your members display their NFT collection in GIF with a simple command. Share your favorite pieces and engage with the community in a fun and interactive way.

Voting Bot

Give your Discord community a direct stake in polls and decisions. Enjoy a more democratic and engaged decision-making process.


The command is designed to allow users to quickly and easily find the owner of an asset by inputting a simple command. This type of bot can be helpful for anyone looking to invest in or purchase a specific asset, as it streamlines the process of gathering important information.

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  • Holder Verification
  • Security
  • Activity Alerts
  • Hunting Command
  • Asset Commands
  • Voting Bot

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  • Holder Verification
  • Security
  • Activity Alerts
  • Hunting Command
  • Asset Commands
  • Voting Bot

Our Clients Speak

We have been working with clients around the world

Multipurpose Discord Bot

NFTLUX has grown from a simple Discord security and management tool to a comprehensive, deluxe, multipurpose Discord bot in our time with the service. Luxbug is responsive and can custom tailor any special request we have ever thrown at him. We recommend his service to Discord servers that are interested in a bot developer that continually upgrades and pushes the limit of Discord bot development.


Community Manager

Above and Beyond

Lux goes above and beyond to build cool features and meet any custom needs for our project. It’s great working with him and seeing constant improvements


Founder @The_Block_Group


Always available to help, incredibly proficient, hits deadlines without fail, hard working and trustworthy. With LuxBug you really get a rare entity – someone that can simplify what can be a very complex industry at times. I can recommend his services without hesitation.

Zushan Hashmi

Co-Founder @DanketsuNFT


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