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Amazing Features To Use

Utility Bots

Mints: Get an alert on your server whenever a new mint is detected.

Listings: Alert you server members whenever a list happens.

Sales: Alert your community whenever someone buys an asset.

Custom Bots

If you need more features you can request a custom bot with custom built commands and features.


The most important aspect of a server, is how well they can handle raids and attacks. Remove any address that is not whitelisted, get alerted whenever a vulnerability is found using our bot!

Ultra Fast Delivery Time

Custom Roles

You can verify your members if they have a certain number of NFTs, you can also give them a special role if they have an NFT with a certain attribute.


Let your community Flex there assets by using /myassets.

Project Stats

With 1 command, you can see all the stats of your project!

Monitor Everything in one Place

You can check if there are any price changes, assets listed below floor and much more using our bot!

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